If thyroid surgery or radioiodine therapy of the thyroid gland is planned, you should be on the safe side and consult another independent thyroid specialist.

Right to second opinion

§27b SGB V: Patients have the right to second opinion. In September 2016, the Bundestag passed a corresponding social law.

Cost Coverage

Since there is a statutory right and therefore a right to a second opinion from a doctor, the statutory health insurance funds must cover the costs.

Medical independence

Decisive for a good second opinion is the medical independence from possible economic interests in the performance of the intervention.

Competent advice

Would you like a second opinion on planned treatments? Have you already received a treatment and now think it was a mistake? We will be happy to advise you.

Doctors‘ second opinion: What the health insurance company pays

Die Verbraucherzentrale (The consumer advice centre)

A second opinion can be worth it

Die Apotheken Umschau (The pharmacy survey)

In doubt for the second opinion

Der Tagesspiegel (The daily newspaper)

We are happy to advise you


Have you had an ultrasound, thyroid scintigraphy or any other examination? We can advise you on the basis of your current findings.

Radioiodine therapy

You have received radioiodine therapy and are dissatisfied or are wondering whether this therapy is right for you? We will help you on your way.

Thyroid surgery

An operation is never an easy decision. We will be happy to assist you with our advice when it comes to deciding whether thyroid surgery makes sense for you. Have you already undergone thyroid surgery and now have to take lifelong hormones? In this case, too, we will be happy to assist you with our advice.

Alternative therapies

Are you interested in alternative treatments for the thyroid gland and wondering which therapy is best for you? We will be happy to show you alternative treatment methods.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Korkusuz

Prof. Dr. Dr. Korkusuz is one of the leading experts. Before the specialist in radiology and nuclear medicine moved to the Bürgerhospital, he worked for almost twelve years in nuclear medicine at the University Hospital in Frankfurt, where he habilitated in 2013. Since 2014, Prof. Dr. Dr. Korkusuz has been chairman of the German Centre for Thermoablation and founder of the German Society for Second Opinion Medicine.

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Ask for a second opinion

competent and independent

Would you like a second opinion on an upcoming thyroid treatment? Are you unsure which treatment is best for you? Do you think you have received the wrong treatment and would like advice?

Then you have come to the right place.

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Collect medical records

For a second opinion we need all current findings. You can simply request these from your attending physician.

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Send documents

You can send us your findings by post or ask your doctor directly to forward them to us for a second medical opinion.

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Get a second opinion

If the documents are complete, you will receive a second medical opinion within two weeks. If further documents are required, we will contact you.

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